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Why Buy ?

It benefits us both. A good deal is when everybody wins. You win by getting an excellent bookkeeping practice set, and I win by getting funds to help support development of additional bookkeeping and accounting tutorials and tools.

I'm one of the little guys and appreciate any and all support !

What's included, how do I order, how much, and how do I pay ?

What's Included ?
Complete Practice Set Version
An Accounting Practice Set in three versions - Manual, Spreadsheets, and Manager Accounting Software

Baldy's Barber Shop is a three-way accounting practice set that includes both a manual version for completion in writing, a Microsoft® Excel or Libre Office Spreadsheet version, and a Manager Accounting Software computerized accounting software version.

Students undertaking the manual version first will achieve an undertanding of the accounting process (accounting cycle), the Spreadsheet Version illustrates the benefits of using computer applications as an aid in bookkeeping, and the Manager Accounting Software version introduces students to a general business accounting package and the benefits gained from their use.

Manual Practice Set Version
You also have the option of only purchasing the Manual Practice Set Version.

How Much ?
This is a new course and during its initial launch for a limited time the course normal fee of $49.95 is reduced to only $29.95. A saving of approximately 50%. You also have the option of only purchasing the "ole fashion" Manual Version of Baldy's Practice Set for only $9.95.
Teacher's Special
Unlike other Practice Sets, this is a one time fee that allows the purchaser to make as many copies as they need to distribute to students with no additional fees required as long as the materials are used for educational purposes.

How Do I Pay ?
My normal method of payment is PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal Account. You can use your PayPal Account if you have one or when you click on the PayPal Buy Button fill in section that says Pay With a Debit or Credit Card.

The recommended free accounting software itself is worth the cost of the course !

After completing your payment, you will be sent an email with the download link.

How Do I Order ?
Click the Add To Cart Buttons to order either the Complete Course or only the Manual Version.

Manual Practice Set
Full Practice Set
Includes Manual, Spreadsheets, And Computer Exercises
Includes Manual Exercise Only
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If you want to check out or order my additional courses, see my main order page for details.

Need Help ?
Need help or have a question ? Contact Me

Many hours have been invested in developing this practice set and your purchase aids in the development of additional learning materials.

I run across so many scams anymore that it's hard to trust anyone anymore. I'm actually an honest and trustworthy guy; but, you don't know that. So instead of trusting me, I'll trust you. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied or are unhappy with your purchase, your full payment will be propmptly refunded. No questions asked.

Refunds must be requested within 60 days of purchase.

Your Payments are processed in a secure manner in order to insure the privacy of your payment information.

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