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Manual Accounting Exercise

Exercise Instructions
Manual Accounting Exercise Instructions
Using the chart of accounts, transactions listing, and adjusting entries listings you record
the transactions in the General Journal, post the entries to the General Ledger, and
use the Financial Statements Worksheet to prepare Financial Statements.

Closing Entries are not required for this exercise.

You can either print and use the Work Book or print the Individual Sheets
to use for this exercise.

Work Book
Includes all the entry forms in one book and can be used to record the transactions
in one place instead of printing out the individual sheets.
Note: You will still need to print out the Transactions Listing, Adjusting Entries Listing and Chart of Account Listing (See Below Individual Sheets and Forms).

Exercise Steps
1. Using the Chart Of Accounts Listing and Transactions Listing record the transactions
in the General Journal.

2. Post the entries from the General Journal to the General Ledger.
3. Prepare an Unadjusted Trial Balance – Using the Financial Statements Worksheet
4. Record Adjusting Entries in the General Journal.
5. Record Adjusting Entries in the Financial Statements Worksheet and post to the General Ledger.
6. Prepare an Adjusted Trial Balance -Using the Financial Statements Worksheet
7. Using the Financial Statements Worksheet prepare Financial Statements:
Income Statement
Statement of Owne’rs Equity
Balance Sheet

Answer Sheets are provided so you can check your results.

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